Science Writing

Using Machine Learning and Synthetic Biology to Combat Climate Change

Pairing synthetic biology with machine learning’s predictive power could result in a disruptive change.

Hitting the numbers: researching what it takes to unleash the future bioeconomy

How life cycle and techno-economic analysis helps push bioenergy research further.

One-of-a-Kind Course Aims to Build the Bioeconomy Workforce

The bioprocess industry faces a surging demand for experienced engineers. A new course at Berkeley Lab provides college students hands-on experience.

Making Biofuels Cheaper by Putting Plants to Work

Berkeley Lab researchers describe how biofuels can achieve cost parity with petroleum fuels.

How media coverage contributed to a measles outbreak (video)

This episode, part of a Complexly pilot, explores one of journalism’s most pernicious problems: the problem of false balance, especially as it affects science reporting.

Study of archaeal cells could teach us more about ourselves

Forty-two years after Carl Woese defined archaea as the third domain of life, scientists are still learning about these ancient organisms in ways that could help us learn more about eukaryotes.

Jumping genes shed light on how advanced life may have emerged

A previously unappreciated interaction in the genome turns out to have possibly been one of the driving forces in the emergence of advanced life, billions of years ago.

Wearable device can predict older adults’ risk of falling

Scientists used a wearable device to accurately predict the risk of falling in older adults — a step toward improving preventative medicine and health care.

Scientists search for coral’s new home

Researchers are creating artificial structures that they hope will create a new home for coral larvae and increase the rate of coral regeneration.

Combating antiviral drug resistance with dynamic therapeutics

What if antiviral drugs could evolve along with viruses? A group of researchers is exploring this question to approach the problem of antiviral drug resistance.

Exploring new worlds: Kennda Lynch creates a career in astrobiology

A look at the career of an astrobiologist who is exploring the possibility of life on Mars and what this means for human exploration to the planet.

Traffic visualization research to help cities make data-driven decisions

How does a bike lane influence traffic speeds? What happens when the speed limit is changed? Researchers answers these questions through data visualizations.