Sightseeing, Shopping and a Scary Carriage Ride in Brugge – Belgium Day 7

Our last full day in Belgium was very long, but I’m okay with that.

We decided to spend our last day in Brugge, the beautiful and historic town about an hour train ride from Leuven that is more touristy than any other Belgian town I’ve been in.

Brugge is known for chocolate and lace, as well as shopping in general. Just looking at the candy and lace stores was interesting enough, but that didn’t stop me from buying both.

After arriving, we all ate lunch and then decided to pay for a horse and buggy ride through the town. We were a little surprised when we first set off on our ride, as we were going a lot faster than you’d think – which explains why the tour was only thirty minutes long.

Mariah reacting to our fast and scary carriage ride!

But the tour allowed us to see the town and figure out what we wanted to see more once we were finished.

We started on our shopping and I loaded up on chocolate, lace, and souvenirs. Besides these shops, Brugge also has many clothing stores along its main streets.

Our next stop was the Basilica of the Holy Blood, a church that has a vial of blood that they believe is Christ’s. The church was beautiful and we were able to walk up to the vial and see it up close.

When we exited the church, it started to rain, and we quickly found a place to sit down and eat – our last meal in Belgium, with a celebratory dessert!


Mariah and I enjoying our dessert!

But the best was yet to come. We walked to the more scenic area of the town at night and were able to get some great pictures.

The falling rain made for an added bonus on my pictures, making the flash against the rain look like stars!



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