I Love Leuven – Belgium Trip Day 6

After a hectic yet amazing day in Paris yesterday, I was so glad to have a relaxing day in Leuven today.

We slept in (a lot) and headed to a local cafe called the Coffee Cup, where we had coffee and breakfast and enjoyed watching people walking by outside.


A delicious sweet honey latte and blueberry muffin from the Coffee Cup.

We then headed to the Stella Artois brewery for a tour. Donned in our bright yellow safety vests, we were guided through the steps of brewing by our tour guide and got to enjoy a glass afterwards.




Following the tour, my friends and I headed out to do some serious shopping in Leuven. We all came back to the hotel tonight to show each other what we got and display our new outfits.

After a day of heaving shopping, we headed to our farewell dinner at Domus Brasserie, a popular restaurant in Leuven, where I enjoyed a Belgian meal of stoofvlees and croquettes.

Tomorrow is Bruges, our last full day of Belgium, and what I’ve heard is one of the highlights of our trip.

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